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Emerging Issues and US-Brazil Relations

Second Conference in Honor of

September 23-24, 2010
Pyle Center, Room 235
Madison, WI

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's
Latin American, Carribbean and Iberian Studies (LACIS) Program
and the Division of International Studies invite you to attend
the second conference in honor of Joaquim Nabuco
exploring US-Brazilian Relations

Prominent scholars from Brazil and the United States will engage in discussions to evaluate Brazil's role in world politics and the world economy and examine US-Brazil relations in such areas as energy policy, trade, global governance, and the fight against racial discrimination.

This conference is convened and organized by Emeritus Professor and Dean David Trubek, in collaboration with UW-Madison's Brazil Initiative, directed by Professor Severino Albuquerque. The conference organizing committee also includes UW-Madison faculty Guido Podesta, Greg Nemet, Mara Loveman, Susanne Dove, Alberto Vargas and the LACIS Program. The Conference is co-sponsored by LACIS, the Division of International Studies, WAGE, CIBER and the UW-Madison Law School.

The Consul General of Brazil in Chicago, Ambassador João Almino, will offer closing remarks on Friday, September 24.

Conference participation is free of charge but advance registration is required to assure there is space in the conference hall. Participation in the conference cannot be guaranteed without registration by September 17.

The conference will be transmitted real-time via the Internet and will be videotaped for posting on the LACIS website. A URL will be provided through LACIS' website to access the live webcast of the conference. You do not need to be registered for the conference in order to watch the webcast.

Download the conference flyer

View/listen to the webcasts from the conference.

Conference Agenda
Transportation and Accommodations

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